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Quitting: Not an Option

Starting Coach’s Closet has always been a dream of mine since the very beginning,  but never in a million years did I ever think I’d be faced with making a decision that will affect how that dream continued on. 

I remember in 2016 our first Christmas drive where I had the opportunity to buy shoes for a family of 8 kids. Although I was ecstatic to help a family in need and finally making a step forward, it took a toll on me. Here I was providing for a family who was suffering to get by day by day, but I had no money of my own to buy shoes for my own child. As a parent, it was one of the most frustrating moments I ever endured. It’s a choice I had to make every day and that many parents faced every day just to get by, but I was facing this decision with a dream of a much bigger organization. Financially,  I was using money I didn’t have. Every check that came in was going either towards bills or Coach’s Closet. It left me with nothing to provide for my own family, but under all the pressure I couldn’t quit. God wouldn’t let me. My responsibility as a philanthropist was to serve the community and I could never give up seeing the smile on a kids’ face when they received a new pair of shoes every drive. 

Little did I know in those moments at the beginning that those same challenges would occur quite frequently throughout my journey with CC. However, the lessons I’ve learned from the first time  and am still learning through every single challenge forward is that quitting is never an option. My duty is to serve and nothing will ever get in the way of that. 

As long as you’re a blessing to others, you will be blessed.

Sharing Our Stories With You !


My duty is to serve and nothing will ever get in the way of that.